Tyler Oakley Says His Mom is His ‘Favorite Human’ In New ‘Snervous’ Sneak Peek (Video)

“I get every performative thing about me from her,” the YouTube star says in the documentary

YouTube Star Tyler Oakley is a total mama’s boy.

In a new sneak peek of his documentary, “Snervous,” exclusive to People, Oakley shares his views about his mom, who is “the ideal YouTuber — what you see is what you get.”

“She is my favorite human,” he said in the clip. “She thinks she’s a real housewife and she thinks there are cameras following her at all times. She’ll be at a garage sale and she’ll be acting.”

Oakley said that he learned a lot from his mom growing up, and he got a lot of his performance skills from her.

“I’m a mama’s boy,” he said. “I’m her favorite as I should be … If there is one thing I’ve gotten from her is understanding that not everyone is going to get you, and being okay with it.”

Dressed in a onesie, he said, “I get every performative thing about me from her.”

“Snervous” will be released in limited theaters and will be available on all major digital platforms on Dec. 11.

See the clip above.