Rupert Murdoch to Testify Before U.K. Parliament After All

Both Rupert and James will testify after initially refusing, News International chief Rebekah Brooks will appear as well

Last Updated: July 14, 2011 @ 12:42 PM

Rupert and James Murdoch will both appear before the English Parliament's culture, media and sport committee to testify about the phone-hacking scandal, the BBC reports.

The Murdochs' decision comes after the committee sent a deputy sergreant-at-arms to deliver official summons, a result of the Murdochs' initial refusal to attend. The committee had previously invited both Murdochs to tesitfy next Tuesday, along with News International chief Rebekah Brooks.

Rupert Murdoch initially declined, though said he would cooperate with the recently announced judge-led inquiry. James Murdoch said he would not be able to appear next Tuesday, but offered to come in Aug. 10 or 11.

Brooks, Murdoch's lieutenant and a focus of great scrutiny, had already assented to the committee’s request Thursday morning. However, in a letter to John Whittingdale, head of the committee, Brooks explains that she will not be able to reveal many details because of the ongoing police investigation.

This is a tactic that News Corp. has resorted to repeatedly since the scandal reignited, refusing to act or even make statements until the police, some of whom are suspected of accepting bribes, finish their work.

Also of note today, another former News of the World editor, Neil Wallis, has been arrested due to alleged phone hacking and bribery of police officers. It has since been revealed that the Metropolitan Police employed Wallis until September of 2010.