‘Uncle Samsik’ Release Schedule: When Do New Episodes Come Out?

“Parasite” and “Snowpiercer” star Song Kang-ho stars in his first-ever TV series

"Uncle Samsik" (Hulu)

If you’re looking for an engrossing period drama, a new K-drama to watch on streaming, or the latest performance from the great Song Kang-ho, “Uncle Samsik” is your new must-watch.

Set in the 1960s, during a period of upheaval and unrest in Korea, the series follows Pak Doochill (Song), aka Uncle Samsik, a local fixer who schemes from the shadows to manipulate politicians and criminals alike in order to advance his country. Then he meets Kim San (Byun Yo-han), an Amerian-schooled idealist with his own vision to bring his country into an age of abundance. Inspired by the young idealist, Uncle Samsik pursues him in the hopes of forging an unlikely alliance.

Whether you’re already hooked on the political drama and wondering how many episodes to expect or just about to dive in and don’t know where to watch, here’s everything you need to know about how to watch “Uncle Samsik” and when new episodes come out.

When do new episodes of “Uncle Samsik” come out?

“Uncle Samsik” debuted on Hulu with five episodes on Wednesday, May 15 and will debut two episodes a week until the three-part finale on June 19.

“Uncle Samsik” release schedule

There are 10 episodes in “Uncle Samsik.” Here’s the full release schedule.

  • Episode 1 – May 15
  • Episode 2 – May 15
  • Episode 3 – May 15
  • Episode 4 – May 15
  • Episode 5 – May 15
  • Episode 6 – May 22
  • Episode 7 – May 22
  • Episode 8 – May 29
  • Episode 9 – May 29
  • Episode 10 – June 5
  • Episode 11 – June 5
  • Episode 12 – June 12
  • Episode 13 – June 12
  • Episode 14 – June 19
  • Episode 15 – June 19
  • Episode 16 – June 19

Where to watch “Uncle Samsik” streaming online

“Uncle Samsik” is streaming exclusively on Disney+ internationally and on Hulu in the United States.

Watch the trailer

What is “Uncle Samsik” about?

Here’s the complete synopsis from Hulu:

“During a period of upheaval and unrest in Korea, one man will operate in the shadows, manipulating the system and its key players for the advancement of the country in Uncle Samsik – an eagerly awaited political drama set to debut May 15, exclusively on Disney+.

Set in 1960s Korea, Uncle Samsik follows Kim San, an ambitious idealist who is driven to turn his country’s fortunes around. A recipient of an Albright Scholarship, San wants nothing more than to transform his country into an industrial nation and deliver an American level of affluence to the people of Korea. Determined to become a success, San attracts the attentions of Pak Doochill (Uncle Samsik) a shady fixer who adapts to any situation and takes whatever steps necessary to help him accomplish his goals. Together, the pair will form an uneasy alliance, navigating the complexities of the established system, united by their shared goal of a prosperous future.

Starring Song Kang-ho (“Parasite,” “Snowpiercer”) as Pak Doochill/Uncle Samsik, a fixer and social chameleon who adapts to any situation and works tirelessly to ensure his team enjoys three meals a day, and Byun Yo-han (Mr. Sunshine, Six Flying Dragons) as Kim San, a driven idealist looking to bring American affluence to the people of Korea, Uncle Samsik is written and directed by Shin Yeon-shick (“Cassiopeia,” “Romans 8:37″).”


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