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New York Times Editor Jill Abramson Profile Leads to Unflattering Photos of Jill Abramson

Surely we can find some better shots of the first female editor in NYT's history?

Jill Abramson can't catch a break.

She finally got the flattering profile treatment — from The Daily Beast on Wednesday — only for some outlets to make it an excuse to show off their worst photos of the first female editor of the "New York Times."

The piece details her still-young leadership of the Gray Lady, its victories (all the Pulitzers) and its losses (Nate Silver). Abramson seemed quite candid, admitting that the Politico report that she had lost her newsroom made her cry and snapping at a pushy maintenance worker.

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The piece also touches on the sexism many found inherent in the Politico piece, quoting former "Guardian" editor (and — full disclosure — my Masters thesis advisor) Emily Bell: "Guardian executive Emily Bell argued in a rousing defense of Abramson … '[I]t fuels an exasperating and wholly sexist narrative about women in power,' Bell wrote in the column-one of several by female journalists slamming Politico for similar reasons."

If you want to see another example of sexism and the way the media portrays women differently than men, check out the photos some outlets have chosen illustrate their own posts about the Daily Beast's report.

The Huffington Post (which managed to illustrate its piece about the Politico story with a much nicer photo, by the way):

Capital New York:

Capital New York has since changed its photo, telling TheWrap "point taken, respectfully." Editor Tom McGeveran followed that up by saying that his site used the photo because it was taken by Captial New York just the day before.

The Capital New York piece also mentions that "New York" magazine will have its own profile of Jill Abramson next week, and it's expected to be pretty harsh. Which means we'll probably see a few more bad photos of Jill Abramson soon enough.