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United Airlines Beat Up and Dragged on Twitter for Riding Nugget Kid’s Jock

”Way to try and piggy-back on somebody else’s campaign,“ one critic writes after airline offers Carter Wilkerson a flight to Wendy’s

United Airlines suffered another black eye on social media this week, after trying to cozy up to viral sensation and chicken nugget-craving teen Carter Wilkerson.

The recently scandal-plagued airline attempted to ride Wilkerson’s coattails, after the Nevada teenager beat Ellen DeGeneres’ record for most retweets and fast-food chain Wendy’s ponied up a year’s supply of free chicken nuggets to the teen.

“Hey @carterjwm, congrats on your world record! It’s time to decide where in the world you’d like to visit a @Wendys! DM to get the [plane] rolling,” United tweeted.

United, which in recent months has drawn fire for dragging passenger David Dao off a flight when he refused to give up his seat and for barring girls from a flight because they were wearing leggings, took it on the chin once again for the spotlight-stealing attempt.

“Hey @carterjwm. See the GIF for advice,” one critic shot back, with a clip of Forrest Gump running.

“@carterjwm since it’s a free ticket, you better not wear leggings on this @united flight,” another cautioned.

“@Wendys Way to try and piggy-back on somebody else’s campaign,” another wrote.

“He better not go unless he wants his ass beat,” another warned.

Ouch; total drag, United.

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