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Universal Announces Pact with DreamWorks; Geffen Retires. (Seriously?)

Now it's officially official. As we told you last week, DreamWorks and Universal have agreed to get back in business together. The two companies announced a seven-year distribution deal today, in a press release.

In the release, Spielberg said: "Universal has always been my home base so this agreement starts a new chapter in what has been a long and successful association. While it feels great to come home again, it feels like I never left, and Stacey and I look forward to working once again with our friends and colleagues, old and new.  It’s an exciting time for us and we want it to be equally as productive and rewarding for Universal.”

And apparently, David Geffen - who the press release was careful to name as instrumental in the deal -- will now be bowing out of the entertainment business.

I'd like to know where all that energy will be going. It may upset the natural order of things.