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Universal Studios Makes Reforms After Worker Calls 13-Year-Old Girls ‘Sluts,’ ‘Whores’ and ‘Hookers’

Gloria Allred announces changes after her underage clients were called derogatory names at Hollywood Horror Nights

Executives at Universal Studios Hollywood have promised to revise the company’s complaint procedure,  after a cast member at Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights allegedly called two 13-year-old girls “sluts,” “whores” and “hookers,” attorney Gloria Allred said Wednesday.

Allred, who is representing the girls and their mothers, said at a news conference the Universal representatives “acknowledged that what happened to our clients was wrong and against their policy” and “apologized a number of times for what our clients experienced.”

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The girls, Kayla Beals and Roxy Fisher, and their mothers had earlier met with the officials,  but one of the mothers “described how frustrated she was trying to communicate her complaint about this incident to Universal,” Allred said.

According to Allred, the girls were also told to leave the attraction on their hands and knees, because that was “a position they were used to.”

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The attorney commended Universal for revising its complaint procedure.

“Although we were very disturbed about what happened to the girls at Halloween Horror Nights, I do want to commend Universal Studios Hollywood for the prompt action that they took once we brought this issue to their attention.”