‘Unsolved Mysteries’ Reboot Trailer Promises Disappearances, Deaths and the Paranormal (Video)

Netflix series premieres in July

Netflix has dropped the trailer for its “Unsolved Mysteries” reboot, and something “sinister” may be afoot.

The trailer promises a deep dive into disappearances, deaths and paranormal encounters that have never been explained.

From the producers of “Stranger Things,” the new series premieres on July 1.

Here is the official description from Netflix:

“The iconic series UNSOLVED MYSTERIES is back! Fusing signature elements from the original series with contemporary immersive, character-driven storytelling, the 12 new episodes are rooted in the experiences of ordinary people who have lived the unthinkable — from the trauma of a loved one’s unexplained disappearance or horrific death, to the shock of a bizarre paranormal encounter. Alongside detectives and journalists, family members offer clues, present theories, and identify suspects, hoping one viewer holds the key to solving the mystery. From the creators of the original docuseries, Cosgrove/Meurer Productions, and 21 Laps Entertainment, the producers of Stranger Things.”

Watch the trailer above.

Originally hosted by Robert Stack, the series documented cold cases and other paranormal phenomena. Beginning in 1987 with a series of seven specials with Stack, Raymond Burr and Karl Malden all hosting, NBC picked it up as a full series in 1988, where it ran until 1997. The show moved to CBS for its 10th season, and Virginia Madsen was brought in as Stack’s co-host during season 11, before being canceled in 1999. Lifetime then picked it up in 2000, where it ran until 2002.

The reboot is being led by the show’s original creators, alongside “Stranger Things” executive producer Shawn Levy. Terry Dunn Meurer is showrunning this new version that she co-created with John Cosgrove, who will executive produce. Levy and Josh Barry are executive producing for 21 Laps. Robert Wise will also serve as co-executive producer and showrunner.