‘Unsolved Mysteries Vol. 2’: Here’s Who Probably Didn’t Kill Jack Wheeler

Co-creator Terry Meurer can’t say who did it — but she’s pretty sure who didn’t

'Unsolved Mysteries Vol. 2': Here's Who Probably Didn't Kill Jack Wheeler

“Unsolved Mysteries” co-creator Terry Meurer isn’t sure who killed former presidential aide Jack Wheeler — but she’s got a good bet as to who didn’t commit the heinous crime.

A decade after the disappearance and death of Jack Wheeler — an aide to the Reagan and Bush administrations — “Vol. 2” of the Netflix murder-mystery series is re-examining the facts of the case that once captured the attention of national news in the hopes of exposing new details that could finally answer the burning question: Who is responsible for Wheeler’s mysterious death?

“It’s very difficult to talk about who might have done it. I can talk about who I don’t believe did it,” Meurer told TheWrap.

“I don’t believe it was a random assault. I don’t believe that Jack was attacked and something went wrong, a robbery or something like that,” she continued. “Because people who attack people or rob people, they do not go to the trouble to transport a body, put it in a dumpster — hoping, I believe, that the body would never be found.”

As for who did kill Wheeler and dump his body in a landfill, Meurer knows this much: “Whoever did this, they did not want Jack’s body to be found.”

“Who that was, I have no idea,” she added. “That was really the mystery in this particular case. But I don’t believe that it was random.”

So, what kind of break-in Wheeler’s case would it take to solve this decade-old mystery? Meurer said it would most likely take a person coming out of the woodwork who had some answers to the numerous questions.

“I think we need someone to come forward who was involved in the attack,” she said. “Maybe somebody who was involved in the murder is feeling guilty and would come forward or would reach out to the police anonymously with a tip or something — some kind of lead that they could provide,” she said. “I think we’re going to need a pretty direct tip. Or if the killer spoke to somebody in a bar or something or told someone, that person should come forward and say, so-and-so told me that they were involved in Jack’s murder.”

“Unsolved Mysteries Vol. 2” is now streaming on Netflix.


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