‘UnWrapped’ Podcast: Lili Reinhart and Alison Brie on the Joys of Producing

Lili Reinhart and Alison Brie talk about juggling roles on screen and behind the camera in their new films

On some films, “producer” may be a vanity title added next to an actor’s name during the credits to boost their ego, rather than a hard-earned badge of honor.  But more and more actors – like Lili Reinhart and Alison Brie – are working to change that, earning that credit by taking a step behind the camera and having a say in almost every decision on their films – from the art, to the props, to the music and to casting. 

During this episode of WrapWomen’s “UnWrapped” Podcast, “Look Both Ways” star and executive producer Lili Reinhart, along with “Spin Me Round” actress, co-writer and producer Alison Brie take us behind the scenes of their recent projects and what they learned in taking on various roles during production. 

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Episode Highlights:

  • Lili Reinhart says after suffering anxiety as a child, she loves making friends as an adult
  • Alison Brie reveals a “Community” movie is in the works
  • Lili Reinhart says she’s just focusing on her career and doesn’t feel the pressure to settle down any time soon
  • Alison Brie shares the joys of collaborating with co-stars Molly Shannon, Aubrey Plaza and Fred Armisen
  • Lili Reinhart talks about why keeping a realistic female friendship was massively important in “Look Both Ways”
  • Alison Brie breaks down that orgy scene: “It really was very cool to watch people who were so comfortable with their bodies”
  • Lili Reinhart discusses the confidence being an executive producer gives her, knowing she’s earned the respect that comes with it
  • Alison Brie reveals husband Dave Franco helped cast Ayden Mayeri in “Spin Me Round”

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