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UPDATE: Sean Hannity to Respond to ‘Daily Show’ Report

Fox News says host will address Jon Stewart segment.

Young people often say they trust Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” more than “real” news. Here’s one reason why.

During a segment on last night’s “Daily Show,” Stewart noted Fox News’ Sean Hannity apparently used old footage of a Washington, D.C., protest to make a GOP rally against the healthcare bill appear larger than it really was.

Here’s the clip:

A rep for Fox said Hannity would address the issue on tonight’s broadcast. (Note to other cable news networks: This is how you get ratings – get the “Daily Show” to lambaste you, then tell media reporters you’re going to respond the next night on your network, thus creating a “must-watch” moment.)

Funny, too, those “young people” might be on to something. We’re getting to a point now where satirical news shows are breaking real news, and when they aren’t, they’re being fact-checked as if they are real news networks.

Then, of course, those real news networks are lambasted for fact-checking the fake news by the fake news network.

UPDATE: Hannity’s response: "We screwed up."

Here’s that clip: