Usain Bolt Beats James Corden in Hoops, Chess, Twister and Every Other Game (Video)

“Late Late Show” host challenges Olympian to a duel — but Corden gets crushed

James Corden has had enough of Usain Bolt beating him in things like a foot race and “Drop the Mic” — therefore, the late night host challenged the Olympian in the hopes of finding something that he is better at.

“It’s GO time,” Corden tells Bolt in the clip. “I am sick of you embarrassing me in front of my staff. There has to be something I’m better at than you.”

The duo plays basketball, chess, rock-paper-scissors, Twister, a thumb war, and engage in a spelling bee and a baking contest — but Bolt is the clear winner in all of them.

“Fine! I admit it, Bolt,” Corden says. “You are better at everything than me.”

“You’re a way better late-night host than me,” Bolt responds. “Actually, I’ve never tried it before.”

It seems the Olympic champion is also good at convincing people, because fast forward, and Bolt gets to host “Late Late Show with James Corden.”

Watch the video above.