Usain Bolt Smokes Owen Wilson, James Corden and Entire Show Staff in Race (Video)

The slo-mo instant replay is not kind to “Late Late” host’s body type

Last Updated: September 29, 2016 @ 12:08 PM

Last night, we found out who the actual fastest man in the world was. Spoiler alert: It was still Usain Bolt, and by a lot.

James Corden challenged the Jamaican sprinter to a foot race in the CBS campus parking lot, one that somehow Owen Wilson weaseled his way into. At that point, all bets were off, so the entire “Late Late Show” staff showed up to give it a go.

The starting blocks were pretty crowded, and Wilson tried his best to cheat into a victory. It didn’t throw off the Olympian one bit.

Bolt cruised for pretty much the entire second half of the run, goofing around and still not being challenged by anyone. For what it’s worth, Wilson ultimately beat Corden — though the “Masterminds” star didn’t podium overall. Immediately after the finish, the “Wedding Crashers” actor shared a ton of excuses for exactly what must have gone wrong.

“I just flew in from Europe, so, you know jet lag,” Wilson said. “Nursing a bit of a cold.”

The 10th-or-so place finish was nothing to be ashamed of, Owen. On the other hand, a slow-motion instant replay was certainly not kind to Corden’s body. Watch the video above.

“Masterminds” breaks into theaters this Friday.