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Usher and FKA Twigs ‘Go Crazy’ for Prince During Grammy Tribute – Prince Fans? Not So Much

The R&B singers’ ode to the pop legend was the most purple performance of the night

Prince’s spirit continued to preside over pop life at the Grammys with some help from Usher and FKA Twigs on Sunday night. However, not everyone was feeling the R&B legend and avant-pop maven after they hit the stage to perform a medley of Prince classics.

Plenty of online commentators were enthused — though many were puzzled why FKA Twigs didn’t get a mic or an opportunity to sing during the performance, reduced as she was to a slinky dancer.

“Imagine making the decision to not let FKA Twigs sing anything at all,” @robsheff tweeted.

Taking the stage in a sparkling blue-green suit, Usher gave the crowd some hip-shaking, old-school showmanship inspired by the Purple One on “Little Red Corvette.” FKA Twigs took the stage during “When Doves Cry,” performing an elegant pole dance during the sultry synths of doves crying during the breakdown.

Still, her silent contribution left some skeptical.

“So you’re telling me FKA Twigs is here to be a backup dancer for USHER??” another fan, @JudiceSay tweeted.

“Not a fan of FKA Twigs being reduced to a pole dancer while Usher sings, even if it is a Prince tribute,” New York Times fashion director and critic Vanessa Friedman tweeted.

Usher tried kicking things up another notch with a rendition of “Kiss,” as FKA danced to the rhythm in a white, feather boa.

Despite plenty of jabs on Twitter, there were other fans that thought Usher killed it.

“Usher has slayed the Janet MTV ICON honor, that MJ special, and now this Prince tribute. He gets nothing but my respect,” @trapcry tweeted.

One can only hope that the persnickety pop icon was pleased with at least some aspects of this year’s Grammy tribute nearly four years after his death at age 57.

“Even Prince would be proud of Usher tonight,” @ThatEricAlper tweeted.

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