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UTA Hires Alex Fragen to Boost Global Distribution Strategy

Fragen will work across the entire agency to help clients maximize revenue

From Netflix and YouTube to video-on-demand, filmmakers have more places to release their movies and TV shows than ever before. UTA has hired former Summit executive Alex Fragen to advise the agency’s clients on the myriad distribution options available to them, giving him the title of global distribution strategist.

Fragen will work across the agency, advising writers, directors, actors, comedians and musicians on how they can make the most money possible in releasing their latest projects. If a comedian films his own stand-up special and wants to release it on his own, Fragen will help him figure out how to do that — and where else he or she can release it.

Fragen will report to UTA CEO Jeremy Zimmer.

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“Alex brings a high level of expertise that our clients can access as we evaluate the best distribution path for the content they have created,” Zimmer said in a statement. “Alex’s long-standing relationships will be helpful as we build the most effective and efficient strategies for self-distribution of non-theatrical content.”

Fragen last worked at Question Media Group, a consulting firm where he advised TV networks, technology companies and private equity investors. Prior to that, he worked at Summit Entertainment, overseeing distribution for company’s TV division.

He was also involved in picking which movies Summit would make, and how those movies would be released after they left theaters. Before joining Summit, Fragen worked at Paramount for 14 years.

“Jeremy and the UTA team have always been at the forefront of creating a dynamic range of services for their clients,” Fragen said in a statement. “I am excited to bring my expertise in developing and managing the fluid world of content distribution to the agency.”