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‘Utopia’ Star Ashleigh LaThrop on Fate of Becky After Finale’s Big Betrayal

Plus: Actress tells TheWrap how Becky’s Diels affects her relationship with Ian

(Warning: This post contains spoilers for “Utopia” Season 1 through the finale.)

The Season 1 finale of Gillian Flynn’s “Utopia” gave fans many questions to ponder while we await a Season 2 renewal from Amazon, including what the heck is Wilson Wilson (Desmin Borges) doing in a car with freakin’ Kevin Christie (John Cusack) and why did he trick Becky (Ashleigh LaThrop) into joining them?

“I see it as a betrayal, for sure,” LaThrop told TheWrap. “Wilson and Becky have a really interesting relationship and, unfortunately, some scenes got cut. There was a whole other side storyline for one of the things, but one of the biggest things between the two of them is that they kind of are friends — but also have a contentious relationship. Like, Wilson doesn’t trust Becky and thinks that she’s [part of Christie’s team] Harvest and has all these suspicions about her. So I think when Becky gets in that car and sees that Wilson is not essentially abetting Harvest, it’s devastating. And I think it will be interesting to see in Season 2 to see how that plays out because we’re all scattered and now I’m scattered with someone who is aligned with the enemy.”

She added: “Wilson for sure, in my mind, is a betrayer because he was supposed to kill Christie and Christie is very much still alive.”

Becky and Wilson Wilson aren’t the only ones split off from the group at the end of the finale, with Grant (Javon Walton) arrested by the police, Jessica Hyde (Sasha Lane) being held hostage at Home by the two-faced Agent Milner (Sonja Sohn), Stearns (Rainn Wilson) taking off with the “mother egg” containing Christie’s omnivirus, and Ian (Dan Byrd) — who had a beautiful moment of romantic confessions with Becky while destroying the vaccine — and Alice (Farrah Mackenzie) are left alone, without the others, just wandering the streets.

LaThrop says Becky’s relationship with Ian is a “respite” from her degenerative disease, Diels — which Christie’s company secretively gave her, and many other people, when she was a child — so to be split up from him causes “a lot of fear and a lot of sadness about what could have been.”

“But the thing to keep in mind is Becky is still dying of Diels. So, even as sweet as it was and as nice as it was to have a moment of, ‘Let’s imagine a future together when this is all over,’ that their future would still be very short, as it is right now, unless she can find a cure.”

We really hope she finds a cure because we have already seen Becky die of Diels once and we did not care for it. And neither did LaThrop when she first read the script for Episode 6, because she stopped right at the part where Becky dies because she can’t breathe and the group’s makeshift tracheotomy doesn’t work, so she didn’t get to the next part where she miraculously jolts back to life.

“When I read that script, I read it up until the moment that Becky has a seizure and gets a funnel and dies for all intents and purposes, and I put the script down,” LaThrop said. “I was like, ‘Oh my God, Gillian killed me and not only did she kill me, she didn’t call to let me know that she killed me!’ I put it down and was so upset for the rest of the day. Because we all joked, Gillian might kill you if she doesn’t like your performance. Like, Sam (played by Jessica Rothe) was predetermined, but she did kill Sam when she was the lead character.”

LaThrop only found out her fate later that day when she was in a group chat with her co-stars who told her she “might want to finish” the script before freaking out.

“Utopia” Season 1 is streaming now on Amazon Prime Video.