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‘Utopia’ Deleted Scene: Becky Has to Decide Whether She Wants to Die or Betray Everyone (Video)

NYCC 2020: Turns out Becky almost handed over ”Utopia“ to get medicine for her Diels

Amazon Prime Video dropped a deleted scene from Episode 7 of “Utopia” during the Gillian Flynn-created thriller’s virtual panel at New York Comic Con on Thursday. In the previously-unseen clip, Becky (Ashleigh LaThrop) goes to meet with a man who didn’t appear in Season 1. It turns out this is the collector who sent the winning bidder to the fan convention to get “Utopia” for him.

Now, this guy still wants the comic book he paid for and he wants it now, and he’s willing to trade Becky medication to treat her Diels in return for betraying Jessica Hyde (Sasha Banks), Wilson Wilson (Desmin Borges), Ian (Dan Byrd), Alice (Farrah Mackenzie), Grant (Javon Walton) and really the entire world.

As fans know, Becky is dying of Diels, so this decision is not an easy one. She ultimately chooses not to go through with it but as she leaves this secret meeting and drives off in a stolen car, the collector comes after her and gets in a car crash, before Jessica Hyde shows up and takes him out.

Per Amazon, Gillian Flynn says “it killed” her to cut the scene, as the “stakes were so high” and “that scene was its own pure cul-de-sac.”

Watch the deleted scene above.

Amazon has yet to renew “Utopia” for Season 2, but Flynn told TheWrap ahead of the show’s Sept. 25 launch that she has “an entire mythology written out of how everyone is connected” to explore in potential future seasons.

“How Home came into being. How Christie came into being, and what his ultimate plan is and why. But there was a conscience decision for Season 1 to feel almost in real time, to have this propulsion and not loop back and explain too much… I’m hoping for a Season 2 where we can really get into more of that. But I really wanted Season 1 to be driven by the need to stay alive and the search to get these answers and just to move like a freight train.”

You can watch “Utopia’s” virtual NYCC panel here. The event, dubbed Metaverse, will run Thursday-Sunday. You can find TheWrap’s list of all of its must-see panels here.