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‘Vacation’ Spoof Commercial Advertises Griswold Family’s 2015 Tartan Prancer Car (Video)

Warner Bros.’ gag clip features the updated blue vehicle, which boasts ”all the latest Albanian technology“ including a built-in fountain and double rearview mirrors

As part of its promotion for the upcoming comedy “Vacation,” Warner Bros. released a very unique ad for the 2015 Tartan Prancer car.

“Vacation,” a sequel to the 1983 classic “National Lampoon’s Vacation,” stars “The Hangover’s” Ed Helms as family patriarch Rusty Griswold, Christina Applegate as his wife Debbie, and Skyler Gisondo and Steele Stebbins as their two sons, James and Kevin.

Similar to the original starring Chevy Chase, the Griswolds’ embark on an epic road trip to Walley World and stumble over a number of misadventures along the way.

In the video, an Albanian car company (touted as “the Honda of Albania”) is advertising its legendary 2015 Tartan Prancer car. The Griswolds’ sweet ride comes with a built-in fountain, an adjustable head rest and double rearview mirrors.

This spoof is a play on a scene in the original “National Lampoon’s Vacation,” in which a similarly exuberant car salesman tries to sell a junk car to the Griswolds, back when Rusty was a young boy.

The commercial also notes that the movie stars “Albania’s best loved boy actor” Stebbins. Sorry, Helms and Applegate.

Watch the gag video above or here.

“Vacation” opens in theaters on Wednesday, July 29.