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Did Val Kilmer’s Twitter Rant About Cate Blanchett Cross a Line?

Actor tweets about his celebrity crush over the weekend

We all have celebrity crushes, but only a choice few who do are celebrities… with hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers.

Enter Val Kilmer.

The actor spent a good chunk of his weekend tweeting about his celebrity crush — Cate Blanchett — and some felt it crossed a line. Did Kilmer’s tweetstorm go over the edge? Let’s break it down.

Kilmer started off by telling a story of how he apparently flew to Australia just to meet Blanchett, but met her husband instead.

Granted, there is probably more to this story than Kilmer can fit into Twitter’s character limit. But at the point of his initial Blanchett tweet, he still gets the benefit of the doubt. Also, “The Doors” actor respects her as an actress and as a person, as he describes in tweets that followed:

You see, the star of 1995’s “Heat” has firsthand experience of the actress. He worked with her on 2003’s “The Missing” and on Terrence Malik’s latest, “Song to Song.” He described working with her in a scene and how he was in awe by the way she picked up a shovel. “I was so dazzled by HOW she picked it up I forgot my line,” he wrote:

Actors choosing projects based on writers, directors or other actors is common in Hollywood, especially if you have the privilege to choose your roles. We like Blanchett, too. She’s a chameleon on the screen and always holds herself with dignity. We get it, Val.

However, things got weird when Kilmer described dreams he had that starred the actress:

… and then he decided to highlight her looks instead of talking about her award-winning performances or the sheer talent of the Oscar-winning actress:

Many called out Kilmer on Twitter and in the media, saying his tweets were “creepy”:

In response, Kilmer went on another Twitter rant, defending his love of Blanchett.

“I’ve never done said or written a single idea that wasn’t of the highest respect and admiration for #cateblanchett or any other great talent,” he tweeted. He continued:

Is it wrong to express respect for a fellow actor? Probably not. Is it wrong to publicly talk about how she’s in your dreams and imply that her husband is probably in the way? Yeah, probably.

How about when you claim somebody’s your friend and then objectify their looks instead of their talent? Definitely teeters on inappropriate — though, in his defense, Kilmer led his Blanchett-focused Twitter storm with her talent.

In case you want to further demonize him, Kilmer also has a fixation on Jessica Chastain, too… sort of: