‘Vampire Diaries’ Season Finale: Nina Dobrev’s Last Episode Gets #GoodbyeElena Sendoff From Stars, Fans

Paul Wesley, Ian Somerlander will return for seventh season of Julie Plec vampire drama without Dobrev’s leading lady Elena Gilbert

“The Vampire Diaries” wrapped up its sixth season with an emotional farewell to Elena Gilbert and the actress who plays her, Nina Dobrev, who opted not to return to the show for Season 7.

Fans and “Vampire Diaries” cast and crew took to social media to mark the bittersweet occasion.

“Tvd tonight. Finale. I have yet to see it. But I’m sure it’ll be a tearjerker,” tweeted Paul Wesley, who plays Stefan Salvatore. “Goodbye Ms. Dobrev- see u on the flipside.”

“So, like, now’s when the real crying starts,” added showrunner Julie Plec during an especially emotional moment of the episode. “Series fans, these goodbyes were made for you, too. #GoodbyeElena #TVD”

The #GoodbyeElena hashtag trended for hours on Thursday before, during and after the season finale that saw Dobrev’s Elena leave Mystic Falls forever, and leave behind Salvatore brothers Stefan and Damon (Ian Somerhalder).

Earlier in the day at The CW upfront presentation in New York, network president Mark Pedowitz revealed the Elena-less Season 7 will focus more centrally on Wesley and Somerhalder’s characters, and even expressed hope that the show could carry on for more seasons.

Below is a sampling of the emotional tweets that sent #GoodbyeElena trending and Dobrev on her way out of Mystic Falls.