Vanity Fair Writer Anthony Breznican on Panic at Daughter’s Santa Clarita School Shooting: ‘I Guess This Is Normal Now’

“We are home. Can still hear choppers overhead. Got some other kids with us, and trying to keep things normal for them. I guess this is normal now,” Anthony Breznican wrote on Twitter

santa clarita anthony breznican
KNBC; Getty Images

Anthony Breznican, the veteran entertainment writer, on Thursday tweeted about the horror of going to retrieve his daughter from a Santa Clarita elementary school placed under lockdown on Thursday morning after a shooter opened fire at the community’s Saugus High School, killing one person and critically injuring two others. (The suspect, who has not been identified is in custody and is being treated for injuries at a hospital, Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said.)

Breznican, a film writer who joined Vanity Fair this year after years at Entertainment Weekly, described how school shootings were the new “normal” for children and said that threats have become frequent enough in Santa Clarita, located 35 miles north of Los Angeles, that “most parents stopped noticing.”

“Like kids everywhere, my little ones grew up playing ‘games’ meant to mask shooting drill practice. For pre-schoolers it was called ‘Rabbit in the Hole.’ Can all the kids fit in a closet and stay very, very quiet? As they got older, they realized the truth,” he wrote.

Breznican also criticized the National Rifle Association and what he described as a “pervasive and reckless gun culture.” (Breznican did not immediately respond to a request for comment.)

“GOD DAMN the NRA and every gun-owner in this country who thinks their hobby is worth this endless nightmare. You drop your kid off in a pilgrim outfit for their Thanksgiving pageant. You never know if you’ll see them again. Could be any day. Any place,” Breznican wrote.

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