Vanity Fair Clobbered for ‘Sexist’ Video Urging Hillary Clinton to Take Up Knitting: ‘Go F— Yourself’

“It was an attempt at humor and we regret that it missed the mark,” a magazine spokeswoman tells TheWrap

It’s that time of year when your favorite sites bombard you with an avalanche of pithy end-of-year videos designed to get you clicking.

But Vanity Fair may have gotten itself into a pickle Wednesday thanks to its latest offering that had readers doing a double take.

The magazine posted a minute-long video straight out of the 1950s, showing writers and editors sipping champagne while coming up with all sorts of things Hillary Clinton could be doing now that she’s no longer a presidential hopeful.

The video, titled, “6 New Years Resolutions for Hillary Clinton,” includes some brilliant ideas, such as working on a sequel to her book “What Happened” (called “What the Hell Happened”), and taking more photos in the woods (“How else are you going to meet unsuspecting hikers?”).

But the advice de resistance — the one that had people up in arms  — was courtesy of writer Maya Kosoff.

“Take up a new hobby in the new year. Volunteer work, knitting, improv comedy ― literally anything that will keep you from running again,” Kosoff said.


“Maybe it’s time for Vanity Fair to go f–k yourself with this sexist s–t,” one user lashed out. “Anybody telling Biden to take up knitting? Romney? Sanders? Gore? Weird, I wonder what the difference is…”

And Howard Dean, the former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, told his followers to consider the source.

“Come on folks. Vanity Fair has been a trash heap for the last few years. Why take them seriously,” he tweeted.

A spokeswoman for the publication told TheWrap: “It was an attempt at humor and we regret that it missed the mark.”

“I don’t appreciate being taken out of context to make me seem super sexist,” Kosoff tweeted late Tuesday night. Her Twitter account is currently private.

The publicist did not respond to a follow-up question about whether Vanity Fair intends to take down the offending video.