Vanity Fair Unleashes Murdoch E-book

The magazine’s second e-book will trace the rise of the media baron, the spread of his empire and his current legal and ethics troubles

Readers can now learn everything they have ever wanted to know about their favorite media mogul for a mere $4.

Vanity Fair has released an e-book on News Corp. Chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch featuring a series of articles that detail various aspects of the media mogul and his empire.

"Rupert Murdoch: The Master Mogul of Fleet Street" features 20 articles spread out over six chapters as chosen by editor Graydon Carter.

The articles, which date from 1984 to the present, are written by various Vanity Fair writers and editors, including Murdoch biographer Michael Wolff and the magazine's contributing editor Sarah Ellison.

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The six chapters are: "All in the Family," "The Newspaperman Part I," "In the Realm of the Mogul," "The New Frontiersman," "The Newspaperman, The Final Act" and "The Lion in Winter."

With the digital release, Vanity Fair will beat a pair of scribes who already had book deals (including the Guardian's Nick Davies) to the punch.