Pat Sajak Warned Vanna White to Avoid Social Media While Filling In as ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host (Video)

Sajak took a month off to recover from emergency intestinal surgery back in November

Pat Sajak had one piece of advice for Vanna White when she filled in as “Wheel of Fortune” host while he recovered from surgery: do not go on social media.

White went from letter-turner to host after Sajak was hospitalized for an intestinal issue that required a month’s recovery. She had to take on the new role the day after Sajak’s hospitalization.

“What a trooper,” Sajak told “Good Morning America” on Friday. And I’m not being condescending in any way ’cause it would’ve been well within her rights to say, ‘Wait a minute, this is not what you’re payin’ me for. This is not what I do. And I’d rather not,’” he said. “But she’s a team player. And she was very nervous and not comfortable.”

On whether he had the opportunity to talk to his longtime costar before she took reins of the show Sajak said, “We did have a chance to talk a little bit. But there’s not much I could tell her. She knows the way the show works. I just tried to be encouraging and help out on that level. But she had fun with it.”

Still, he warned White about negative feedback online.

“There are people who are jerks and they’re going to say nasty things because they can,” Sajak explained. “Because they can communicate with you directly and be anonymous. I don’t understand why people have to be so nasty. She’s out there doing her best, she didn’t ask to be put in that position.”

The 73-year-old told “GMA” that his surgery was “completely successful” and he’s already back in the studio.

As for future plans, that’s still up in the air. “I’d rather leave a couple of years too early than a couple of years too late,” he added wistfully.

Watch Sajak’s interview above.