Vanna White’s Own Dress Turns Against Her in ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Blooper (Video)

Game-show legend’s wardrobe does battle with a stage prop

Don’t feel bad, Vanna White; it could have been a trail of toilet paper stuck to the bottom of your shoe.

“Wheel of Fortune” letter-revealer White suffered a wardrobe malfunction on a recent episode of the syndicated game show, as a prop gift box tailed along for her stroll across the stage, after somehow becoming affixed to the back of her gown. Oh, the price of fashion.

On the plus side, White did reveal $5,000 worth of F’s in the puzzle.

An embarrassing situation, to be sure. But the game-show veteran took the incident in stride.

“The funny thing is, I didn’t even feel it,” White told “Wheel” host Pat Sajak afterward, as he attempted to rub her nose in her own humiliating moment.

Watch White rise above adversity in the video.