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God Himself Weighs in on Vatican McDonald’s During Colbert Monologue (Video)

The Big Guy is surprisingly cool with the whole thing

Friday marked exactly two weeks from Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration, so Stephen Colbert badly needed a distraction. The devout Catholic got just that… directly from God himself.

The “Late Show” host took his requisite shots at the president-elect’s Twitter habits during Friday night’s monologue before turning to tastier news. The Vatican is set to open its first McDonald’s, which lead to this solid joke: “You know your Quarter Pounder’s ready when you see the white smoke.”

Of course, some top cardinals aren’t thrilled about using the space for Big Macs instead of helping the needy. Colbert went directly to their boss — God — for His opinion.

“Bah, bah, bah, bah, bah: I’m loving it!” the man upstairs told his CBS follower. “Come on, I didn’t want you eating fruits and vegetables — I specifically told you not to eat the apple.”

“Just consider the McNugget: like Noah’s ark, it contains two of each animal,” the Lord added. “And believe it or not, I made Eve out of the McRib.”

Watch the video above.