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We Finally Got the Blooper Reel From Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Favorite ‘Veep’ Scene (Video)

We can’t ”endure this bulls–t“ either

Sorry, Jimmy Kimmel — Julia Louis-Dreyfus saved the blooper reel from her favorite-ever “Veep” scene for the other Jimmy, Fallon. Or probably it just worked out that way.

On Thursday, the “Seinfeld” alum brought “The Tonight Show” outtakes from a classic and intimate Season 6 moment her character Selina Meyer shared with co-star Tony Hale’s Gary Walsh.

“I brought it as a gift,” Louis-Dreyfus told her latest late-night host. “Merry Christmas.”

In the clip, Meyer is uncharacteristically caring for Walsh after his heart attack, which followed her own heart attack earlier in the episode. In a rare moment of affection, Meyer makes a meal for Walsh, who is recovering in her basement. Unfortunately, the food — much like Gary and Selina earlier — has taken a turn for the worst.

“We could not get through [the scene],” Louis-Dreyfus tells Fallon’s NBC audience. “I was so close to him, and the food was rancid that I gave him — literally rancid.”

In the footage itself, JLD couldn’t stay in character as Meyer very much.

“F–k me,” she appears to say in the censored-for-broadcast outtake. “How am I supposed to endure this bulls—t?”

“I’m sitting next to a circus act,” the on-set HBO star adds.

Watch the video above.

“Veep” returns to HBO with its seventh and final season on March 31.