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‘Veronica Mars’ Creator on What That Finale Twist Could Mean for Leo and Veronica

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(Warning: This post contains spoilers for the “Veronica Mars” revival through the finale)

The (literally) explosive Season 4 finale of “Veronica Mars” left Kristen Bell’s title character widowed and driving away from her fictional hometown of Neptune, Calif. in search of something after finally tying the knot with her longtime on-again-off-again boyfriend Logan (Jason Dohring), only for him to be killed by a bomb in the Hulu revival’s closing moments.

But before Veronica fully committed to married life with Logan — and then that plan got blown to hell — she had to struggle with the decision to remain monogamous when the naval intelligence officer was called back into active duty, and her old boyfriend Leo (Max Greenfield), now an FBI agent, came to town to figure out who the serial bomber ruining spring break was.

Leo and Veronica spend time drinking and dancing, and though Veronica doesn’t actually cheat on Logan, her eye wanders in her dreams, a place where she and Leo get busy in the bed she shares with her beloved.

And now that Logan has met an untimely end, some fans are probably wondering if Leo and Veronica are going to get together, a question which creator Rob Thomas gave TheWrap the answer to during the Television Critics Association press tour last week.

“Here’s the thing I will tell fans: I’m not going to kill off Logan just to put her with another boyfriend,” Thomas told TheWrap. “I’m not saying that Veronica and Leo won’t come together at some point in the future, but I’m not going to kill off her husband and give her another one. The whole reason I did this was I need Veronica single moving forward.”

To find out more about why Thomas decided to leave Veronica a widow at the end of Season 4 as his “big bet” on the show’s future head over here.