Kristen Bell Wants to ‘Brace Fans’ for How Much ‘Darker’ Hulu’s ‘Veronica Mars’ Revival Will Be (Video)

“It’s definitely not going to be what we did on UPN or The CW,” “Good Place” star says

Kristen Bell is psyched for the “Veronica Mars” revival and she knows you are too. However, she does want to prepare for you for Neptune’s No. 1 detective’s return, as the eight-episode run order by Hulu is apparently going to be “different” from the show that ran on UPN and then The CW.

“It’s gonna be a much darker world,” Bell said when appeared on SiriusXM’s Entertainment Weekly Radio Thursday. “It’s going to be a bigger world. It’s definitely not going to be what we did on UPN or The CW. So I want to brace fans for that, that it’s going to be darker and bigger and more cinematic and definitely a little bit different.”

But don’t you worry Marshmallows! Veronica is still the “superhero without a cape” who the “Good Place” star thinks you need now more than ever.

“And particularly now I feel like you want to see a girl who is fighting for good,” Bell said. “You want to see a superhero without a cape who has nothing at her fingertips but her wit, and her intellect, and you want to see her better the world around her. I think people want to see a hero again. We had years of loving antiheroes and I think the world is too scary now. You know, we loved [‘Breaking Bad’s] Walter White when everything felt safer. It would scare me to watch a show about an antihero now. I want to see the good guys winning.”

Bell also explains why she wouldn’t ever stop playing Veronica, “until literally everyone in Neptune is dead.”

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Watch the clip above.

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