Versace Fans See Red Over Michael Kors Buyout: ‘This Could Be the End of Versace’

Fashionistas criticize “tacky” Michael Kors following $2 billion buyout

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It doesn’t sit right with many fashionistas.

Soon after Michael Kors announced it’s buying Versace for more than $2 billion on Tuesday, fans of the seminal Italian fashion house are letting their displeasure be known on — where else? — Twitter.

Versace, which has been controlled by the family of its namesake since its founding 40 years ago, is simply “too iconic” to be “doing this ghetto s–t,” one person said on Tuesday. Others considered the sale to mid-tier Michael Kors to be “tacky.”

And the thought of Versace being run into the ground by unfashionable Americans sent shivers down the spines of some other users.

It kind of has the feel of “when ur ex starts dating someone ugly,” as one user put it.


Or the deal could simply “be the end of Versace [to be honest].”

Some even argued Gianni Versace, the brand’s founder, would have vetoed the buyout if he was still alive.