‘The Vet Life': Silly Kinkajou, You’re About to Get Castrated (Exclusive Video)

And Dr. Ross is just to guy to get these testicles off you

A kinkajou is a rainforest-based member of the raccoon family, commonly called the “honey bear.” It’s also completely adorable, right up until one turns about two-years-old. That’s when the aggression kicks in, and you don’t want that.

On Saturday’s “The Vet Life,” Dr. Ross neuters one of these majestic creatures, incorrectly named Rafiki after the “Lion King” mandrill. That’s a monkey, and yes, we Googled all of this.

Anyway, Rafiki is about to lose his manhood, and the whole thing will be telecast on Animal Planet. Little guy’s perma-harness probably isn’t going to make the cutie feel much better about himself.

Here’s the full episode description, in Animal Planet’s own words: The doctors are all California dreamin’ when a San Diego veterinary conference is on the horizon. Who gets to go can only be settled the professional way with a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Before anyone heads west, the clinic is nonstop busy with feathers and fur. A cat’s potentially contagious oozing skin stumps Dr. Lavigne. Dr. Blue comes to the rescue of a Min Pin with teeth so bad his breath is worse than his bite. And feathers are flying when a hospital staffer brings her balding bird to work.

Watch the video above.

“The Vet Life” airs Saturdays at 10/9c on Animal Planet.


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