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Eric Kohler, VFX Producer Who Went Missing, Admits: ‘I’m an Addict’

Kohler, who was found in Mexico a week after disappearing, speaks out in a lengthy Facebook post

VFX producer Eric Kohler, who went missing last month and was found alive in Mexico more than a week later, has spoken out for the first time since his disappearance.

In a lengthy Facebook post Sunday, Kohler explained the circumstances surrounding his disappearance and called himself “an addict.”

“My name is Eric Kohler and I am an addict,” reads the post. “Through a state of exhaustion fueled by the stress and high expectations that were put on me, and the life I chose, my addiction escalated and I mentally snapped. This emotional and physical breakdown caused me to desert the people I care for and most importantly care for me.”

Kohler disappeared from a job at Hydraulx visual effects in Gardena, Calif., on Nov. 24. After a well-publicized search, he was found safe in La Paz, Mexico, on Dec. 4. No details of his disappearance or re-surfacing were offered.

The VFX producer’s credits include “The Revenant,” “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” “San Andreas” and “The Grand Budapest Hotel.”

Kohler said in his post that he’s now seeking treatment in a rehab facility and he wanted to speak out about what happened because he can see more clearly. He said that the “miracle” of his situation is how many people have reached out to offer help.

“I believe most people would find it easiest to ignore or dodge the questions and speculations, but I’ve decided that instead of bottling up my past destruction, I want to use my story as an example of a positive outcome,” Kohler said.

“Those of you struggling and thinking no one cares, reach out to those around you. You will be pleasantly surprised to realize how much we, as humans, are capable of. I unfortunately had to figure this out in the hardest and most selfish way.”

Read Kohler’s full post here.