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Viacom CEO Bob Bakish Made Much Less Than Predecessor, Still Earned $20 Million in 2017

Outgoing COO Thomas Dooley walks away with $53.2 million in ”other compensation“

In his first full year at the helm, Viacom CEO Bob Bakish made more than $70 million less than his predecessor, Philippe Dauman, made in 2016, according to a Friday filing with the SEC. But don’t set up a Patreon account for Bakish just yet — he’s doing fine.

The Viacom chief exec pulled in $20.3 million in 2017, between his $2.77 million salary, a $7 million bonus, and $10.5 million in stock awards and options. That’s a nice year.

Of course, Dauman’s final year at Viacom was more lucrative, since he was given a golden parachute to walk away in August 2016.

Here’s how Dauman’s 2016 pay broke down:

$3.6 million in salary
$13.8 million in stock awards
$7.5 million in option awards
$9.7 million in non-equity incentive plan compensation
$58.4 million in “all other compensation”

Friday’s filing showed Bakish’s contract — signed last December when he became the company’s permanent CEO — runs through the end of 2019. Perhaps the biggest eye-catcher, though, was the severance paid to former COO Thomas Dooley. He made $426,385 in salary last year, but came away with $53.2 million in “other compensation.” Dooley had also served as interim CEO from September to November of 2016, before Bakish took the reins.

Looking at it another way, the execs might have enough money to help former Viacom golden boy Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino — of “Jersey Shore” fame — wiggle out of his massive tax issues.