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Viacom Requests ‘Immediate’ Sumner Redstone Exam

Philippe Dauman and George Abrams also want media mogul’s medical records for the past six years

Viacom wants to see Sumner Redstone’s medical records since 2010, and they also want the 93-year-old to undergo an “immediate” exam — a new one.

Philippe Dauman and George Abrams filed the motion in a Massachusetts court on Thursday.

“An examination is warranted pursuant to Rule 35 because Mr. Redstone’s mental condition is ‘in controversy,'” their attorneys wrote.

Redstone removed Dauman and Abrams from both his trust and the National Amusements, Inc. board of directors this spring. At question is if the ailing media mogul was within a legally recognized mental state to make such a big business decision. The Redstone side says yes, while the opposition believes daughter Shari has simply been manipulating her ill father.

Since that ousting, Sumner Redstone has made a move to yank the aforementioned duo (and three others) from the actual Viacom board of directors. Both the plaintiffs and defendants have been petitioning courts to rule in their favor and seal or reverse these managerial decisions.

A Delaware judge recently said that he would not make a decision on one such case until Sumner Redstone’s competency is decided.

Sumner and Dauman worked in a mentor-protege capacity together for years, many of which Shari spent estranged from her billionaire dad. Should a court uphold Sumner’s mental capacity, the newly changed Viacom board will likely fire Dauman as CEO.

The Redstone side has been doing its legal filings in California, where Sumner resides.