‘Alien Reptile’ Cultist Sherry Shriner Is ‘The Epitome of Evil’ in Vice’s ‘The Devil You Know’ Season 2 Clip (Exclusive Video)

“Out of every four humans, only one is real,” Shriner says in clip

Season 2 of Vice TV’s’ “The Devil You Know,”  produced by Vice Studios and distributed worldwide by Vice Distribution, will focus on “Alien Reptile Cult” leader Sherry Shriner, who is the “epitome of evil,” according to an exclusive clip obtained by TheWrap.

“People call me a false prophet,” Shriner says in the clip. “Out of every four humans, only one is real… we are at critical mass.” Meanwhile, one of her victims opines, “Sherry Shriner is the epitome of evil.”

“The Devil You Know” Season 2 will kick off on March 29 at 10pm E.T/P.T. and is the first docuseries to explore Shriner and her new-age alien agenda. It will be part of a new “Investigation Night” of programming on Vice TV.

According to the New Republic, Shriner is a self-ordained “Messenger of the Most High God,” and spoke her prophecies through blogs, self-published e-books, Twitter, Facebook and her YouTube channel, using pictures of celebrities to prove that “90 percent” of everyone you see on TV “is a clone or a synthetic robotoid.”

When Barbara Rogers murdered her boyfriend Steve Mineo in 2017, it at first looked like domestic dispute, until investigators learned they were both involved in the doomsday cult.

Watch the clip above.


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