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Victoria Jackson May Hate ‘Glee,’ But Says She’s Not a Homophobe (Video)

Ex-SNL star tells ”Showbiz Tonight“ that homosexuality is a sin, but she has gay friends

Victoria Jackson struck back at her critics on Headline News' "Showbiz Tonight."  

The ex-"Saturday Night Live" star turned Christian fundamentalist said people calling her homophobic for her criticism of "Glee" are missing the point. 

Jackson, who said the hit Fox show is ramming the "gay thing" down our throats in a column on World Net Daily, argued that the real problem is that "secular humanism rules the airwaves."

Extending the list of groups certain to be mad at the comedian, Jackson also stressed that she is no fan of Muslims. 

Despite saying that the Bible calls homosexuality a sin, Jackson assured "Showbiz Tonight" host Brooke Anderson that "I have gay friends and we love each other."

Apparently they just don't watch "Glee" together.

Video below: