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Victoria Jackson Talks Jesus and Racism With the Occupy Wall Street Crowd (Video)

Former "SNL" comedienne sets her finger to waggin' in confrontation with anti-corporatist protesters

It's nice to see Victoria Jackson come out of her shell and say what's on her mind for once.

The former "Saturday Night Live" actress turned conservo-crank found a cat-sitter and headed to Wall Street recently to confront the Occupy Wall Street protesters who lately have generated a headline or two with their critique of capitalism gone wild. And luckily for those of us who couldn't be there, she captured the whole encounter on video.

With a religious tract in her hand and who knows what coursing though her veins, Jackson brought her version of the truth to the people — namely, that they're making the Man Upstairs pretty upset with their anti-corporatist shenanigans.

"Jesus said a man should work for his living, not get a hand-out," Jackson opines in the video.

Also, President Obama's a Marxist — who's also in bed with GE and the rest of our corporate overlords. And he's a total  racist too.

Confused? You're not the only one.

Watch Jackson wage her one-woman campaign for Jesus and money below.