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VIDEO: ABC’s ‘Modern Family’ to Viewers: ‘Do Me’

A few days after ”How I Met Your Mother“ released a faux video, here comes another one. It’s not so fake, really.

It’s a big week for fake music videos on TV sitcoms.

Monday saw "How I Met Your Mother" drop "It Was the Best Night Ever," a Jason Segel/Nuno Bettencourt slow jam about… a couple date.

Now, ABC has premiered a full-length video for "In the Moonlight ("Do Me")," the over-the-top love ballad sung by teen dream Dylan to Haley.

What’s interesting about both songs is that each has elements of humor but could also pass as radio hits (the "HIMYM" song would probably work better on a ’80s/ ’90s oldies station). Indeed, it’s a bit unclear whether the full video of "In the Moonlight" is meant to be funny at all.

The intensity of the clip will likely provoke intentional laughter in anyone over 25, but for the fans of the "Twilight" saga and "The Vampire Diaries," it’s all probably just dreamy.

Check out the clip below: