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VIDEO: Balloon Boy Tells CNN, ‘We Did This for the Show’

Did young Falcon just reveal today’s drama was all for TV? Watch the clip and decide.

This video clip is sure to be the subject of much debate in the coming hours.

Appearing on CNN’s "Larry King Live" Thursday, Balloon Boy (a k a Falcon) is asked by guest host Wolf Blitzer why he didn’t respond when he heard his parents calling for him.

His response? After looking at him mom, he said: "We did this for the show."


Falcon’s dad can be heard letting out an audible sigh a few seconds later. Blitzer, amazingly, doesn’t follow up on Falcon’s "show" comment.

But expect plenty of media speculation tonight and tomorrow about whether Falcon’s comment is a sign that today’s "Adventures of Balloon Boy" was all a stunt designed to get the family a TV show of some sort. Or whether, perhaps such a series is already in the works.

Balloon Boy and his family are already familiar with the TV world: They’ve appeared twice on ABC’s "Wife Swap."