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VIDEO: Bill O’Reilly Hearts TheWrap

Fox News mega-anchor sends a shout-out to his new favorite entertainment website.

What would a Tuesday afternoon be with a little bit of shameless self-promotion?

A Friend of MoJoe emailed last night to ask if we had seen that evening’s edition of "The O’Reilly Factor." Since we’ve made it clear that MoJoe is Olbermann Country (especially when the excellent Lawrence O’Donnell fills in), it was not surprising that, no, we hadn’t caught it.

Well, it turns out O’Reilly is a major fan of TheWrap. At least that’s the spin we’re selling today.

The facts: During Monday’s Reality Check segment, O’Donnell cited TheWrap by name– twice!– as he took note of our report last week that his show beat several primetime network series.

OK, so it might not be as cool as being name-checked on "Entourage" (or, um. having a two-second on-screen cameo). But it’s a start!

Check out the clip below (our homage comes at the 4 minute mark). And accept our apologies in advance for any time wasted reading this post.