VIDEO: CBS Pushes Pap Smears With Holiday Campaign

New PSA initiative has Christmas and Hanukkah-themed spots urging guys to get their women a pap smear for the holidays. No, really

Last Updated: December 8, 2009 @ 5:21 AM

 CBS has just launched a new holiday themed PSA campaign for… pap smears.

The ads, now running regularly on the network, feature a simple message: Guys, if you love the woman in your life, call her doctor and schedule an appointment for a pap smear.

No, really. That’s what the ads say.

What’s more, CBS is taking a broad, multidenominational approach to the campaign. There’s one ad target toward those who celebrate Christmas ("give her the gift even Santa deliver!"), one toward Hanukkah ("Just a shmear could save up her life…light up her menorah!"), and one with a generic holiday message.

The ads are generating snickers on some blogs and among the Twitterati. And, we have to admit, they are a bit cheesy.

But they’re also attention-getting and a little funny. And the message is an important one: Many women aren’t fond of the procedure, despite its potential to save lives.

So mock all you want. If the campaign helps a few women catch a problem early, it’ll be worth all the jokes about it (as well as the inevitable backlash from conservative groups that will no doubt begin in three…. two…).

Check out two of the ads below. And read more about how the campaign came to be via CBS’s website here. 


 Here’s Hanukkah:

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And this is Christmas:

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(Hat tip: Reality Blurred).