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VIDEO: CBS Would Like to Thank You for its Success

New twist on the network’s “Only CBS” promo campaign features rockers Train covering the Platters

CBS has quietly unveiled a new twist on its "Only CBS" slogan.

The network recruited adult contemporary rockers Train ("Drops of Jupiter") to record a special version of the Platters’ "Only You" which mixes in elements of Train’s latest single, "Hey Soul Sister." That mash-up is now being used in a promo that touts the Eye’s numerous No. 1s (they like to do that over at CBS) while also thanking viewers like you and me for all of the network’s success.

You’re welcome, CBS. Feel free to return the favor by bringing back "Swingtown." Or maybe finally letting the British version of "Big Brother" run here in the States (we promise we won’t abandon the U.S. edition).

In any case, here’s the new CBS image campaign: