Video Didn’t Kill the Radio Star: Why Video Publishers Are Investing in Podcasts

CollegeHumor, Tegna and Refinery29 widen focus to include podcasts as advertisers drive money into the medium

Podcasts, reminiscent of a time when radio was king, have become a new area of focus for video publishers looking to reach audiences in new places. Refinery29, CollegeHumor and Tegna have decided to test their luck with the format in recent months, investing an increasing amount of resources into experimenting with their own audio-focused content.

Publishers are chasing a younger audience that has climbed in recent years, as millennials in particular flock to everything from true-crime hits like “Serial” to comedian Joe Rogan’s interview shows. A 2019 study from Edison Media/Triton Digital estimates that 51 percent of the population now listen to podcasts — up from 46 percent at the start of 2018.

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