VIDEO: First Look at ABC’s ‘V’

Despite some production problems, this could be one of the best shows of the year.

So while a slew of fall season report cards have started popping up in various places, the fact is, there’s still one big autumnal gun yet to premiere: ABC’s "V."

Much has been made of this show’s behind-the-scenes production issues. But that drama shouldn’t detract from the fact that "V" — a reimagining of NBC’s aliens among us miniseries — is one of the best new pilots of the year, filled with interesting characters, amazing effects and lots of creepy subtext. 

I’m hoping ABC and the producers can get on the same page and get this show right. If it can live up to the promise of its pilot, "V" could be a blockbuster.

ABC has just released the first eight minutes of the pilot, which premieres — er, "arrives" — Tuesday, Nov. 3. at 8. Check it out below: