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VIDEO: First Look at Spike TV’s Raunchy ‘BMS’

Football comedy from the producer of ‘Varsity Blues’ and the studio behind ‘Mad Men’ will bow in January.

From the studio that brought you "Mad Men," get ready for….something completely different.

Spike TV has just released the first official trailer for its new scripted football comedy "Blue Mountain State," and… wow.

The series — official tagline: "At Blue Mountain State, only two things matter– football, and scoring" — looks like a mix between "Animal House" and "Revenge of the Nerds," with a bit of "American Pie" thrown in, according to someone who’s seen the full pilot.

In other words, "BMS" could be the biggest show in Spike TV’s history.

The trailer makes the show look as good as a big budget feature film. No surprise given its producer is Brian Robbins ("Varsity Blues") and… yes, "Mad Men’s" Lionsgate.

Look for "BMS" to be paired with "Entourage" reruns starting in January.

Meanwhile, "BMS" also promises to give FX’s "It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia" and the about-to-premiere "The League" a run for their money in terms of content. The trailer alone features numerous sex scenes, erection talk and a mention of a white pocket p…..

UPDATE: So, not long after we posted the very cool "BMS" trailer — which we found on Spike’s official website– the network removed the full-length clip from its site. And replaced it with a tamer 30-second version. And, at least as far as our tech-unfriendly brain can see, the clip can’t be embedded on blogs. Boo, Spike! The short trailer is available on Spike’s website. Just click here.