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VIDEO: First Promos for New Season of ’24’ Leaked

Jack is back, and he’s a grandpa! But duty — and butt-kicking — will force him back into action.

The first promos for season eight of Fox’s "24" have hit the Internets– though it’s not clear how long they’ll be available for streaming.

That’s because the two minute-long spots currently burning up the dubya dubya dubya have time codes on them and appear to be leaked copies of what may or may not be works in progress.

One of the ads uses Jay Z’s hit (with Rihanna and Kayne West) "Run this Town" as the musical soundtrack. Another is more straight-ahead.

Both spots feature scenes of a supposedly in retirement grandpa Jack being called back to duty, along with all the awesome gunplay and butt-kicking "24" fans expect. And yes, Fox — or someone pretending to be Fox?– uses the phrase "Jack. Is. Back."

Check out the spots below– assuming, of course, they’re not ordered down by Fox or producer 20th Century Fox TV.

UPDATE: No surprise– the promos have been removed from YouTube. 

UPDATE 2: One of the trailers (the one minus the Jay Z track) is back up.

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