VIDEO: ‘Glee’ Flash Mob in Italy

Fox’s first-year hit is going global. An Italian network invades a local mall to get the word out

 "Glee" is going global.

Fox’s first-year musical comedy, already a success in the US, is now starting to roll out across the world. And it seems local broadcasters are emulating the grass roots strategy used by Fox here in the States to help build buzz for the show.

In the UK, for example, the pilot for "Glee" aired last week– but the series itself won’t officially debut until next month. Shades of Fox’s decision last spring to preview the "Glee" pilot behind "American Idol," and then use the summer months to get die-hard fans to spread the word about the show.

And in one of the coolest things we’ve seen this month, Fox Italy organized a flash mob of good-looking Italian youth to invade the Galleria Alberto Sordi (the most amazing mall we’ve ever seen, by the way) to perform a choreographed dance number to music from "Glee."

Even though this was all probably choreographed by the local channel — we’re assuming this because the video shows giant posters of "Glee" in the background– it’s still pretty heartwarming to see everyday Italians clearly enjoying the inspirational music and dance.

Check out the video below (hat tip to Billboard’s Ann Donahue):