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VIDEO: ‘Male Prima Donna’ — A Tribute to Ben Silverman?

Probably not, but the new fake video from ”The Office’s“ Subtle Sexuality is the funniest thing you’ll see today.

Move over, Andy Samberg: There’s a new (queen) of fake music videos at NBC.

"Male Prima Donna," the first single and video from "The Office" star Mindy Kaling’s faux girl group Subtle Sexuality, has just dropped. And, despite lacking the superstar presence of a Justin Timberlake, it’s easily in the same league as SNL Digital Shorts such as "Dick in a Box." Heck, in terms of pure comedy value, it might ever be better.

Kaling and Ellie Kemper make up the Subtle Sexuality duo, but "Office" stars Ed Helms and B.J. Novak have expanded cameos as ‘Nard Dog and Mr. Understood, respectively. The whole thing is, in a word, genius.

And as much as we’re loving "Parks and Recreation" and "Community" this season, the whole effort is a reminder of the crazy level of new wave comedy talent involved in "The Office." Say what you will about poor, pitiful NBC: The network has been a breeding ground for what will hopefully become a whole new generation of comedy superstars.

"Male Primadonna" is part of the latest "Office" webisode series, directed by Kaling. You can check out the first two episodes over at NBC.com, and the music video is posted below.

Be warned: High-quality production values like this require sponsorship, so you may have to sit through a particularly annoying pre-roll ad from a major phone company. What’s more, be prepared to have lines "You’re the male primadonna/but I can’t help but wantcha" in your head. All. Day. Long.

UPDATE: We were just jokin’ about this being a Ben S. homage! It has nothing to do with the Electus commander in chief.