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VIDEO: More ‘Lost’ Goodness, With a Side of Sade

The first single from Sade’s first album in a decade provides a haunting soundtrack for the latest “Lost” trailer.

The marketing mavens at ABC have a thing for pairing very hip, cool songs with their promos — and that certainly applies in this new extended trailer for "Lost."

The spot is set to the tune of "Solider of Love," the superhot leadoff single from Sade’s forthcoming album (also called "Solider of Love"). It’s a haunting melody that pairs well with the best-of clips ABC is using in "Lost" promos (since, so far, producers have banned the use of any new scenes.)

Check it out below:

(By the way, ABC has been using the Sade song since early December. This spot is a full-length version of a shorter ad that’s been airing for a few weeks).