VIDEO: The Most Outrageous Moment in CW History

Well, maybe not. But this clip from “One Tree Hill” lives up to its billing as the network’s OMG moment of 2009

Every week, the CW sends reporters an OMG "clip of the week." And most weeks, TVMoJoe smiles politely and moves on to the next e-mail.

But today, the Dub (as Variety calls it) sent out an OMG clip of the year. We figured it would be some salacious scene from "Gossip Girl." Or perhaps Tyra Banks dressing down a contestant on "Top Model."

Nope: It’s much better than that. So. Much. Better. As in OM*F*G better.

Check out this scene from "One Tree Hill" featuring a human heart, a hungry dog… and one very disappointed patient.

I’m adding "One Tree" to my DVR stat.